7V9 Auctions Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the auction ?

Register for Livestock Sales Here

Register for Machinery Sales Here

Register as an Agent Here

How do I bid ?

You must first register - see above link. Once you have registered, you will receive by email a bidder number; to bid you must login with your bidder number and your password.   During a current online auction, you can then select your item(s) and enter a bid amount(s).

What is Maximum Bid ?

You can enter the maximum amount you are prepared to pay for the lot (exc GST).  The system will automatically bid on your behalf until your maximum is reached..

Do the items have reserves ?

All lots have reserves unless otherwise stated.

What happens if I am the winning bidder ?

If your bid is successful, you and/or your nominated agent will receive a confirmation email as will the vendor and/or their agent. In most cases it is the responsibility of the vendor’s agent to contact you and/or your agent after a successful purchase. It is then you or your agent’s responsibility to satisfy the selling conditions attached to the purchased lot. In the case of reserved lots, if your bid is the highest below reserve price, you and/or your agent will receive an 'Invitation to Purchase' email disclosing the reserve price. Contact the vendor’s agent if you wish to purchase the lot at the reserve price.

Does my bid include GST ?

No, all bids are GST exclusive

Are there fees and charges ?

No, there are no fees or charges associated with buying on 7V9. All fees and charges are the seller’s responsibility.

How do the auctions close ?

Each simultaneous auction has a closing time. If no bids are received in the final 30 seconds before the auction closes, then all lots are closed. However, if a bid for any lot is received within the final 30 seconds then the closing time for that lot is extended for a further 30 seconds. This continues until there are no bids for a clear 30 seconds.

Is there a warranty ?

There is no warranty given on items sold at auction.

Can I withdraw a bid ?

No, you cannot withdraw a bid. Please be careful when entering a bid as you are entering into an agreement to buy the lot if your bid is the winning bid.

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